Australia, part 4

This one will be short, but I figured I’d better bash off another before we head off to New Zealand, where our time will be short and we probably won’t have time to write…

This morning we had coffee at the house of a man named Killer. He’s an automechanic, and I was a bit too nervous to ask him how he got the name. After we left, I asked Wayne and he said his last name starts with “Kill” and so everyone just calls him “Killer.” But then he said something to the effect that he had proved himself worthy of his nickname, and I left it at that.

We also visited the free range egg farm where Wayne and Iris get the incredible eggs that I’ve been scrambling each morning. And we visited the wholesale seafood place where Wayne gets his fish and those MASSIVE shrimp we ate two nights ago. Today he picked up some boarfish, which he ordered several days ago to ensure that we could eat it. Boarfish is a deepwater fish that’s very hard to get, and Wayne claims that it’s HANDS DOWN the most delicious fish ever. And it should be, at around $35 a pound!

Kangaroo Chase

J-P discovers kangaroos are faster

This afternoon we all went to Yanchep National Park, where there’s a small koala colony. J-P remarked that they’re actually quite ugly, despite their reputation. We also played with a family of kangaroos on the golf course in the national park. J-P chased them around the green.

We’ll be quite sad to leave these people. They have redefined hospitality for me.

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