How to Watch a MasterChef Premier…from a MasterChef Survivor

My blog today is actually not on my site!  It’s on the site of a MasterChef season 4 contestant named Marie Porter.  Marie is one unique gal.  She and her husband Michael have a fascinating website and company called Celebration Generation which is remarkably like my own…there’s a blog that covers cooking and baking, DIY, and general interest topics, and Marie has published several cookbooks as well as a memoir of the devastating Minneapolis tornado that destroyed her home EXACTLY 2 years ago today…ironic that MasterChef is premiering today, no?

Anyway, this blog entry goes into some detail about the casting process for MasterChef and what these 100 folks endured for almost 6 months on their long and arduous road to the MC studio in Los Angeles.  It’s a must-read before you watch the premier!

Enjoy this behind-the-MasterChef-scenes blog by clicking HERE!

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