Masterchef 4 Quick Recap: Back to the start and food fit for a King (S4E24)

Hello! It’s Michael Chen again. After talking to Ben, he told me that he would not be watching the last few episodes of MasterChef, so I took it upon my weary shoulders fingers to finish this season out for those of you that can’t live without the recaps. Expect a post from him in the somewhat near future about why he (and I most likely) will never watch MasterChef ever again.

For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Michael Chen, and I was part of the top 18 during Season 3 of MasterChef. Please follow me on my FacebookTwitter, as well as my website at! Let’s get the usual legal disclaimer out of the way: (PLEASE NOTE: This blog contains the crazed rants of a former MasterChef survivor who has practically no inside knowledge of how this season was produced.  It’s not fit to be read by anyone.)

Quick recap to cover last week’s episode of MasterChef. I’ll try not to go too much into the drama, because that takes up too much of my time and I’m really over it at this point. I’ve had enough, am sick and tired of it, and probably won’t ever watch MasterChef again after this season unless I’m extremely drunk or bored.

So we start off with another mystery box, and more sensationalist stuff about the prizes and how important they are. I wonder if the money that they display is actually real money, or “monopoly money”.

The challenge is to recreate their initial audition dish that won them the apron in the first place. Natasha made Hanger steak with chimichurri and empanadas. Luca has his broccoli rabe ravioli with parmigiano-reggiano sauce, and Jessie made the sea bass en croute.  It seems like an odd challenge to me that has more of a novelty factor than anything else. If the initial dishes were already so good and “masterchef quality”, how much can they do to really make it better?

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As always, please let me know what you think in the comments down below. One more to go!

4 Responses to Masterchef 4 Quick Recap: Back to the start and food fit for a King (S4E24)

  1. predictable as always…they took away Jessies aura and it was clear she had to go. I am still not sure how they managed her to pick the beef but that’s another story. 🙂
    The positive side of this episode, not too much “hatred” going on.
    Frico für me was a very strange sidedish….I am sorry but I wouldn’t cook that with veal…a total overload of cheesiness. It is a perfect main course on its own after you have worked hard the whole day (or went for long walks as it was in my case), order a bottle of wine and some bread and that’s it. SOmetimes in Friuli (the part of Italy it comes from and which is in my vicinity) it is served with pickles….but I have never ever seen it on a menu as a sidedish. But never mind…
    Thanks for the recap Michael but if I am not completely mistaken you seem to get bored with the show too. 🙂

    • I believe almost everyone is done with the US version of MasterChef now, fellow reader :).

      • I think there are stil many who are watching it for the entertainment. If you strip away the idea of a cooking show and go for drama it might work. But that has never been my idea about it and therefore I quit watching it in the future.

        • Same here. But unfortunately, drama is a drug to a good amount of people and can never have enough of it. I’m glad I don’t need it. I watch TV to try and find something nice to renew my hope in humanity. Don’t need anything to remind me why I prefer cats over people :/

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