Regarding the Daily Post Article

I awakened Saturday morning to a barrage of media and harassment regarding an article published by the Daily Post, followed by countless other gossip rags, about how I’m coming clean about MasterChef being fake.  This was news to me!

I want it made clear that I have NEVER spoken to ANYONE from the Daily Post or ANY other gossip rag…  I was not contacted about their article.  This “breaking news” article is pieced together from blog posts I wrote many years ago.  I was not asked permission to use any of the content they used.  And I find it amusing that while their article seems to condemn MasterChef, and reality TV in general, for piecing together content and presenting it completely out of context…that’s exactly what their article did.

The blog post it referenced was a years-old post saying “farewell” to  MasterChef.  I no longer want to be associated with the brand, I no longer watch the show, and I don’t really want to think about it any longer.  I am truly grateful for what it brought me…a horde of amazing foodie fans around the world…many dear, dear friends from across the seasons who’ve become as important to me as family…and enough exposure that I’ve been able to not only start a really cool underground restaurant, but do lots of charity work around the country to benefit those in need.  I was nothing but clear that MY OWN EXPERIENCE with the show was excellent, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.  The post was not meant to be a condemnation of MasterChef, but to encourage people to treat ALL television as entertainment rather than actual reality, to avoid developing character judgements about reality TV contestants whose content is highly edited, and to encourage folks to spend their time doing quality things that improve themselves and benefit the world at large.

I find it both endlessly amusing and deeply depressing that a washed-up reality TV star’s blog from years ago can be considered relevant and news-worthy enough to be making the gossip rag circuits.  I also find it amusing that these rags seem to think it’s “news” that reality TV is engineered.  Everyone with half a brain knows this.  I have no desire for this attention and will not address any comments related to it…I’ve long since put MasterChef out of my mind and have moved on to other things!

So instead of wasting time reading gossip news about reality TV, how about we go out and hunt for mushrooms, or get in the kitchen and bake some muffins, eh?

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  1. Benn, all I could find through a cursory google search is post from tabloid trash. The storm(more like stiff breeze) will pass. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. sorry to hear about the media blah blah blah. thanks for your pumpkin stuffed muffins -sound amazing – everything is better with cheesecake! (I’m thinking that the cheesecake filling could work with so many other muffins…)

  3. And that why I love your spirit Ben!!!! Much love to you!! I don’t do Mushrooms, but I do love to visit my local farmers’ markets and search for some local, unique and yummy finds!!

  4. Oh no, sorry to hear about the harassment. You’ve been an open-minded and good sport about your experiences with Masterchef, and it is too bad that it seems that though you want to move forward with your life, the brand still seems to rear its head up at you now and then, unfortunately in a negative fashion. I just want to say that as a Ben Starr the Person fan not Ben Starr the former Master Chef contestant fan (though that is how I found you), that I wholeheartedly support all that you do and your great attitude towards occurences like this. Just give a shrug and continue on with all the awesome things you do. 🙂 speaking of mushrooms, chanterelle season is winding down here in the Pacific Northwest. I admit I wasn’t helpful on our most recent trip, I was more interested at looking at all of the neat coral and jelly fungi, and deep purple mushrooms and humongous boletes than being a lousy chanterelle hunter. 🙂 We found a great assortment of Chanterelles near Mt. Hood, included white chanterelles (which are a buttery cream color), and matsutake! I have to admit I was very paranoid about the matsutake, I am not as familiar with it as my half japanese bf who very adamently insisted he IDed it correctly. I found myself pouring over poisonous matsutake lookalikes, and though it was unmistakably matsutake, I found it hard to enjoy the fabulous matsutake rice dish I made. I would love to read more blogs on your mushroom hunts, though I know you have some great ones in that archive already.. 🙂 If you ever find yourself in Oregon around October, I highly recommend hunting for PNW chanterelles. Apparently truffle hunting is a thing around here too.

    • WOW, you’ve got me daydreaming about chanterelles, now!! I’ve never enjoyed matsutakes, they taste like wet socks to me, but I know they’re probably the single most prized mushroom in Japan.

      • Oops, darn ipad lol. I have to admit I wasn’t a fan, it made the rice taste bitter and it definitely had a piney foresty funk to them. My bf looked at me as if I was completely uncultured. :X Now, HE doesn’t like chanterelles because they ‘taste too buttery’ and have the texture of slugs… More for me!

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