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Welcome, fans, friends, and family!  Whether you discovered me by watching MasterChef USA, HGTV, or The Rachael Ray Show, or if you’ve been a follower of my site across much of its 15-year existence, or stumbled across me more recently, you are very welcome here.  I am humbled to have inherited an amazing fan community from around the world, and it’s a joy to share my unique life with you.

I am so grateful for the joy you’ve all brought into my life, and for sharing your stories and creativity with me!  Cooking is, perhaps, the most human of all experiences, and regardless of your heritage, nationality, religion, or socioeconomic background, when it comes time to celebrate life with those you love…you get in the kitchen to cook.  I think that’s a miracle, and gives food the power to bring people together, break down barriers, and connect in ways we might otherwise not find.

I must thank Ozzie Bock, my wonderful fan in Arkansas, for coming to my rescue when I was at my wit’s end in getting this site live.  And also to one of my dearest friends, Monty Taylor, who basically makes the internet work for all of us, and who also hosts my site.  I must also recognize the free software community, who took the WordPress format and made it such that a blundering boob like me could (with help from Ozzie and Monty, of course) put up a website that can bring people together to celebrate life and food, without having to mortgage my house.  Software is art, just like a perfect recipe, or a timeless painting.  And those who work so hard to give it away for free are heroes in my book.

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  1. My family just started binge-watching MasterChef this year. As each new season of contestants comes along, I inevitably hear someone saying, “Aw, but I miss Ben.” Best of luck to you!

  2. Hi! I am Lee from Korea.
    I wish I could see your energy someday.
    You deserve respect.

  3. Ben we were researching Masterchef and my dafighters (5and 7) and myself just fell in love with your wit, enthusiasm, and I can’t forget your chef hats. My daughters were in love. You have been very inspiring to me as I start them on their culinary journies. God Bless you Ben and your amazing journeys. Your spirit is beautiful!
    Love Heather, Audrey and Danielle

  4. I will never forget the Whitney’s Catfish challenge when Joe looked like he was frothing at the mouth, ready to eat you alive in desperate disgust, then gave you a shocked compliment asking why everything you made wasn’t as good as that dish. It was like watching an Angry Audrey II turn into Snoopy.

  5. i have seen a small room with a square stacked rock entrance like that what state are you in?

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