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Welcome, fans, friends, and family!  Whether you discovered me by watching MasterChef USA, HGTV, or The Rachael Ray Show, or if you’ve been a follower of my site across much of its 15-year existence, or stumbled across me more recently, you are very welcome here.  I am humbled to have inherited an amazing fan community from around the world, and it’s a joy to share my unique life with you.

I am so grateful for the joy you’ve all brought into my life, and for sharing your stories and creativity with me!  Cooking is, perhaps, the most human of all experiences, and regardless of your heritage, nationality, religion, or socioeconomic background, when it comes time to celebrate life with those you love…you get in the kitchen to cook.  I think that’s a miracle, and gives food the power to bring people together, break down barriers, and connect in ways we might otherwise not find.

I must thank Ozzie Bock, my wonderful fan in Arkansas, for coming to my rescue when I was at my wit’s end in getting this site live.  And also to one of my dearest friends, Monty Taylor, who basically makes the internet work for all of us, and who also hosts my site.  I must also recognize the free software community, who took the WordPress format and made it such that a blundering boob like me could (with help from Ozzie and Monty, of course) put up a website that can bring people together to celebrate life and food, without having to mortgage my house.  Software is art, just like a perfect recipe, or a timeless painting.  And those who work so hard to give it away for free are heroes in my book.

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  1. Ben Starr!
    I was so saddened to see you didn’t win Master Chef. You were my favorite by far. I loved how passionate and enthusiastic you were about everything. You are star indeed and I hope to see you continue in the food industry and open your own restaurant one day, I’d travel to wherever to support you. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hey,
    Sorry for messaging for the 2nd time lately, but…

    I was doing some googling and found something kinda funny (slightly dark humor though). Apparently, to Google, you are 92 years old and passed away in 2014. Considering you are running a restaurant and engaging with fans I doubt either are true, but it made me laugh. Your name must be the same as some playwright born in 1921, as Don Brodie, Franklyn Seales and Martin Cohan come up as “people others also search for”.

    So if you ever want to play an April Fools day prank, or something idk, explore google – they did it for you!

    Best wishes (I hope this wasn’t offensive in any way at all, please delete it and try to forget about it if it was).

    • Ha ha ha… Abigail, you’re referring to the legendary TV producer Ben Starr, who produced groundbreaking TV shows and had a long and prolific career. One of his great nephews contacted me after MasterChef while Mr. Starr was still alive. I’m honored to share his name!

  3. Hi Ben

    I’ve been rewatching master chef lately (binging food shows, my favorite lazy activity), and I agree with your fans that you are perhaps the nicest contestant in the season (I forget the later seasons, but probably those too)! I’m no chef, but I enjoy cooking/baking in my free time. I can’t wait to explore your website, and wished I had found it sooner! I’m from Houston, so I go back occasionally to visit family, but now I will have to try to win your restaurant lottery and make a trip to Dallas as well!

    Best wishes,

  4. It’s been a pleasure watching you on master chef! Just recently got into watching it & you’re an inspiration!!!

  5. First you bitch about the show not being real but still promote yourself for having been on it? Loser.

    • Had you read any of my posts about my experience on the show, you would know that I criticize and praise the show equally. I believe I was kept on the show far longer than my skill warranted, and this was clearly because of my on-screen personality. I am grateful to the show for the friends it brought me. (For the last 7 years I’ve shared highly-rated a restaurant with 2 of my season mates.) I am grateful to the show for what it taught me, and for the audience it brought to me. But the show has faults that are ultimately exploitative for many who appear on it. (I was not one of them, luckily.) My criticism of the show is about what it did to other people, not myself.

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