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I love to hear from fans, friends, and family.  All too often, though, someone takes time out of their day to email me, but they type their email address incorrectly, so I’m not able to respond.  Please double-check your email address to make sure I’ll get it!  I do get lots of email, but I try to respond to everyone, so please be patient with me!  I look forward to hearing from you!



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33 Responses to Contact Me!

  1. Anyone know what happened to Smokehouse Chef (out of Texas at one point)? They made a stainless grinder attachment for KitchenAid mixers.

  2. Hello Ben I knew you in master chef season two

    Look at this video and I think you are creative
    And you can sing and I watched your YouTube video

    Happy New year
    I come from Hong Kong have you been to help yet?

  3. Hi Ben! Did you get my message? I sent it some time ago. There is no hurry, but since I’m not very good with computers I could have done something wrong 🙂 Bye

  4. omg,this is again me х) I was very happy,when I found your answer *_* Can I contact with you on Twitter?

  5. hi ben I live in Indonesia Im 11 and you inspired me to cook and be passionate about it thank you and I am really happy that you are now having so much success I hope I will be able to meet you in the future

    sincerely Aisya

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