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Lots of fans ask me, “Will you publish a cookbook someday?”  And the answer is…I already have!  Click on the image below to order it!

Ben Starr's first cookbook

In 2007 while appearing on Rachael Ray’s “So You Think You Can Cook?” I began writing my first cookbook.  I was in a rush to get it published so that I could maximize exposure while I was still on the show.  It’s not a lengthy cookbook, and it’s not an advanced cookbook.  It’s a book that takes you through the steps of learning how to cook and bake, and it’s entirely appropriate for beginners.  But it’s also a very readable book…most of my fans tell me that when they get the cookbook, they sit down and read it, cover-to-cover.  This is because of the theme, which will be continued in all my future cookbooks: “Every Recipe Has a Story.”  I don’t just list off mundane recipes.  Each recipe is special.  Whether it was passed down through the generations of my family, or whether I made it up.  So each recipe is preceded by the story of how it came into being.  Packed with both entertaining and practical how-to photos, this is a really fun cookbook to have around.  Just please remember that it was written with a Rachael Ray audience in mind!  (Not necessarily a Gordon Ramsay audience.)

I am working on future volumes for the series, including:

The Wandering Foodie:  This second volume will contain recipes from the fascinating people I’ve met in my travels across all seven continents.  You’ll see photos from some amazing and exotic places, and you’ll learn how to make all those things you’ve heard of and love, but wouldn’t have a clue how to make, like creamy hummus, babaganouj, tamales, or caipirinhas.  Expand your world and bring global cuisine to your dinner table!

Your Daily Bread:  Bread baking is my specialty, and this isn’t your average bread book.  It contains tips and tricks for getting professional-style loaves in your home oven, as well as information on how to build your very own wood-fired bread oven in your backyard for less than $100.  America has forgotten how to bake the delicious, hearty loves that our ancestors enjoyed a century ago.  And I’m bringing it all back for you!

Pumpkin a’Plenty:  You know exactly how much I love pumpkins, and this will be the KING of all pumpkin cookbooks.  From stuffed pumpkin blossoms to pumpkin seed brittle to my legendary pumpkin carrot cake, this cookbook brings every part of the pumpkin plant to all 3 meals.  Also included are full menus and recipes from my annual Fall Dinner Party that draws people from around the world.

Cookbook self-publishing is an expensive and time consuming endeavor.  I hope to have another volume out in time for the holiday season in 2012.

41 Responses to My Cookbooks

  1. Cathy Hodge Smith

    Hurry up! I love you Ben Starr!

    Your forever friend, Cathy

  2. Benny I don’t know if this is coincidence or what… Before I say what it’s all about…. I must say you are an amazing and inspirational person… Now to the point….Neither one of our books have come out yet…. and they have slightly different names but the same format and the and very very similar content… I can’t wait to buy yours… Take care my friend… Dan (and if three little dots drove you nuts please forgive)

  3. I Want to buy your book!! haha love you Ben ! all the way from Namibia Africa !

    • Marchell,you are the FIRST Namibian fan to contact me! Is the show airing in Namibia? I have never been to Namibia, but my friend has been there twice!

  4. Hi Ben ! I’m Celeste and I write from Italy ! Sorry if my English isn’t very well! i followed you on masterchef and i thing you are an exellent chef a great person .so best wishes for the future :) kiss kiss from Italy.

  5. We are watching you in England!! Courtesy of the internet!

  6. Hi, Ben! I see masterchef and think you’re a great person and a gret cook! Im going to buy you’re cook books definitley.

  7. I’d love to read your books since you were my favorite on MasterChef :) love from Venezuela

  8. Wow I can’t believe I’m writing to THE Ben Starr! I just wanna say that you sir are a beautifulperson inside out. So pure, so humble. I consider myself a fan of yours. I am finishing my culinary career and I know nad understand how passionate you are with your cooking. I hope to read all those books soon! Lots and lots of kisses and hugs from Salta, Argentina!

  9. Ben, I’m your fan now. You were my favourite on MC from the beginning.
    Love from Vietnam.

  10. Greetings from Poland! You were the most inspiring contestant of MCh! I hope your cookbook will be translate into Polish one day! Love, Katarina

  11. Hallo Ben! My name’s Julia. I live on Poland. Since I saw you in masterchef liked you right away:) I greet u , Julia

  12. I bought Food for Thought and sat in bed and read it like a book instead of a cookbook. It was that good. Sooooooo, I can’t wait for the next one. I grew up in an Amish area where they only make there own bread. I actually got a loaf as a wedding present. Yep! It was one of my favorite presents, like you say, it was made with love from a great friend. Hope you have another one soon.

  13. hi ben how are you? I’m ok, my name is Cindy i am 21 years old and i was born and raised here in Mozambique, first i wanted to say that you are so amazing, i am following your footsteps since masterchef, me and my family watched the show on fox life and we were all praying for you, i can’t believe that i am actually writing for you, we live in Mozambique, Africa and when you got eliminated i wanted to stop watching the show because you are my favourite and i am so happy that your journey didn’t stop there, again i am still praying that you get your reality show i invited all of my facebook friends to like your website hope it helps. My best wishes. XOXO

    • Cindy, you are so sweet! I feel so honored that you and your family enjoyed MasterChef so much, from all the way in Mozambique! Thank you so much for getting your friends to like my Facebook page. I wish you and your family all the best!

  14. Patrick from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Season 2 of Masterchef US just finished here, and it’s a shame you didn’t win. We do hope that you succeeded in fulfilling your fream.

  15. ashray sharma

    try some indian receipe love those

  16. Just watched the episode when you were eliminated :’( couldn’t believe it! You are a wonderful person and an excellent cook, love your recipes on the site, can’t wait to try some out :) keep cooking and being an absolute dude! Big love from Wales xx

  17. Hi Ben Starr! You were my favorite contestant from season 2 of Masterchef, along with Christian! Not a big fan of the way he was portrayed after Max left, though… But thankfully your blog had been nothing less than insightful. I’m seriously glad I googled you and found this page! Anyway, right now my cooking abilities are very limited, since my family doesn’t cook AT ALL. My dad even ruined instant noodle once. I’m an Indonesian studying in Singapore, and living on my own means I cook for myself sometimes. I love food, I won’t stop learning to cook, and I look up to you! You’re such an inspiration! It would mean a lot to me if you’d reply :) Thank you xx

    • Renee, you are so sweet, thank you for the kind comment! I’m so glad you gave Christian a second thought. He is an amazing guy. All cooking skills can be learned. If you have the passion inside you, that’s what separates you from the rest!

  18. Hi Ben! I really loved your enthusiasm on Masterchef and I really hoped that you won! Nonetheless, I have learnt lots of skills and ideas and love to cook and you inspire me. Thank you! – a 13yr old girl all the way from Hong Kong <3

  19. Ben Starr!!! I had no idea you had a website… I should have known! My sister, my best friend, and I have turned into master chef fanatics. I started watching last season and we all get together whenever it airs, make dinner, and eat while we talk about our favorite chefs. We started going back through to watch the earlier seasons and I must say, of all the chefs I have seen cook, I find you to be the most inspiring and creative of them all. Your cooking amazes me and I am so happy to hear you are working on more cookbooks! I just got the masterchef cookbook for my birthday and last week I made your pumpkin pancakes from them… Delicious!!!! Lots of love from Ohio!

  20. Ben, your blog is lovely. I’m only just discovering it. You have the sweetest spirit, something frequently missing in reality television, an in, well, reality. Please put a rush on the bread book!

  21. When we order the book, is there a way to request for you to sign it? <3

    • Hi, Karen! This is a print-on-demand setup. The book gets printed in North Carolina when you order it, and then it gets shipped to you. If you wanna ship it to ME instead, I’m happy to sign it and ship it to you! Drop me an email through the Contact page here and I’m happy to set that up!

  22. Cannot wait to get my hands on the bread book and the pumpkin book!! My family loves the first one and my 11 year old son has taken to making pancakes and buns frequently and your recipes are the only ones he will use!

  23. Your book maybe have be so interesting!☺ Sorry for my bad english…

  24. Hello Mr Starr!! Going through your food blog has most certainly opened up my mind to new possibilities, ideas and opinions. Thank you a lot for that. I’m a 16 year old high school student from Assam, India ( I’m probably sure you’ve never even heard of that place ) and I love to cook food for people as much as you do. I definitely have been influenced greatly by the USA and it’s view on dismissed topics. Here in India, boys like me should take up only engineering or medical sciences and then enjoy a happy married life. But I want to explore the world and learn about food and cultures and people!! In our society, it’s literally useless if a boy wants to pursue a career in any other field other than the ones I mentioned earlier and I do not understand why. I want to create my identity through showing people in my country that cooking is equally important as working with machines or a scalpel. Even though I do not have the best of facilities provided to me, I try to achieve whatever I can with my ingredients. I want to make all those things which you can make and experience the true happiness of cooking with a person like you who is so passionate about food. I want to have a career in the culinary industry and most importantly I want to stay with food forever. People on Masterchef have been a great inspiration and have taught me a lot. I hope we connect someday.

    • Pradipta, thank you so much for your very kind comment! I wish you luck in boldly pioneering your dream. It can be hard to aspire to something your culture or family does not praise. But you have only yourself to live your life for! Do what makes you happy!

  25. How are you coming along with each cookbook? Any of them close to being available for purchase?

  26. marilou19721999

    Ben i want to meet you so badly!!! masterchef is my favourite broadcast and as far as i know you from this tv show i like you so much!!! Lots of kisses from Greece ( this year i’m sitting for my proficiency exam….so sorry for any mistakes)

  27. Vi From Lisboa

    Well, I’m going trough the comments and I see there are a lot of people from all over the world, so I decided to say hello from Portugal. I don’t know if you are a good cook because I’ve never tasted one of your dishes (of course) but I love your personality ;) God bless you for being so much efusive as you are!
    If you haven’t been to Portugal, you should definetely come here, try our “a thousand ways to cook codfish”, our bifana and also since you like baking you have to try our lemony custard tart called “pastel de nata”, it is heavenly.
    Best of wishes from Lisbon! Love, VI