A Few Words on Dietary Restrictions and Preferences

FRANK is not a traditional restaurant.  Our menu is set in advance, and is carefully conceived over a period of weeks based upon the ingredients our local farmers have available, as well as upon our central theme for the dinner.  Because we work out of limited kitchens and have a limited cooking staff, dietary restrictions can sometimes be challenging for us to accommodate.  Generally, when a menu absolutely cannot accommodate a certain dietary restriction, like a shellfish allergy, we will note this in the invitation.  And as long as we’re notified well in advance, we can often accommodate vegetarians and sometimes other dietary restrictions.  It’s absolutely crucial that you notify us if you have a life-threatening allergy to any ingredient, so we can prepare our kitchen accordingly.

That said, dietary restrictions and dietary PREFERENCES are two very different things!  We often hear things like, “I don’t eat fish,” or “I don’t eat eggplant.”  Upon further inquiry, we often find that it’s not a food allergy, it’s just that the diner has never enjoyed eating fish or eggplant.  FRANK to the rescue!  We honestly can’t count the number of times diners have told us, “You know, I absolutely HATE (eggplant/oysters/liver/Brussels sprouts/etc.) and I was nervous when I saw it on the menu.  But it was absolutely delicious, I can’t believe it!”  So we humbly request that, for your FRANK celebration, you put aside dietary preferences and trust us to introduce you to the absolutely perfect and most delicious way to prepare any ingredients you may not have palate for at the present time.  MANY life-long dietary phobias have been shattered at our table.

Also a word about meat.  Your FRANK chefs have farming backgrounds and are potently concerned about animal husbandry.  This is why the majority of the meats we serve are from small, local, family farms.  We know the farmer’s name.  He knows his animals’ names.  We visit the farm regularly to ensure that the animals live the life they ought to, in open, sunny pastures with plenty of room to roam.  For this reason, we often have folks who normally avoid meat take an evening-long break from their diet.  Some don’t plan to in advance…they request vegetarian alternatives, which we are happy to prepare in advance.  Then they arrive, they hear us talk about the farm where our meat came from, and decide spontaneously that they’d like to indulge.  Because we are very careful about our use of meat, and don’t want a single bit to be wasted, we cautiously prepare for each diner.  So if you believe you may end up deciding to eat meat knowing that it was raised with the utmost care and respect, we encourage to you ponder this decision before asking for a vegetarian alternative.  Also, please note that sometimes our soups and sauces are prepared with meat stocks and an alternative for these may not be available…but we are happy to ensure that no actual meat is on your plate.

For gluten-free diners, we can often accommodate you with advance notice.  But be aware that FRANK is legendary for our  slow-fermented sourdough breads and housemade butters, so the temptation will be great!  Again, virtually all our gluten-free diners end up indulging for the evening after they hear the moans and groans from fellow diners over our crusty, warm bread.  Please notify us if you have diagnosed celiac disorder, as there may be gluten in dishes you may not expect.  And if gluten-free is merely a dietary preference for you, please understand that accommodating a gluten-free diner generally causes many hours of separate, dedicated preparation, and it’s SO common for us to see our gluten-free diners throw their hands in the bread bowl that we ask for your careful consideration before requesting this exception!  Please note that we do not have access to a separate facility that is guaranteed to be gluten free.

Ultimately, our goal is to blow your mind and your palate when you sit at our table.  FRANK is an adventure in many different ways.  And we want you to carefully weigh your dietary preferences with the overall spirit of the epic evening that is FRANK!

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