It’s time for the final push to prove to Tourism Australia that I’m the best candidate for Taste Master!  I need help on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and my blog.

For tweeters, tweet something like this:

“I hope @TheBenStarr wins #bestjobs #TasteMasterWA in @WestAustralia! #Ben4TheWin @Australia”

Also, the more interactivity I can show both on my blog and in social media is critical!  So please comment on my Facebook stuff, retweet my Twitter stuff, view my YouTube videos on cooking with kangaroo and hunting morel mushrooms and post comments on them, and comment on my blog posts about my first trip to Western Australia, how to cook with kangaroo, and Vegemite!  Thanks to everyone during this final media push!


I’m SUPER stoked to announce that I’m on the shortlist for one of TourismAustralia’s “Best Jobs in the World!”  The job is called “Taste Master,” and if I win, I’ll be spending half a year in stunning Western Australia, writing about their amazing food, wine, and beer scene.  I’ll be taking you to all sorts of places, from Perth’s finest restaurants, to lobster shacks on the beach.  From food trucks to Aboriginal feasts in the outback.  From the noble wineries of the Margaret River and Swan Valleys (which were the very places where my love for wine was launched!), to the burgeoning microbrewery scene in Perth, which is one of my favorite cities in all the world.  And if I have time, I’ll be showing you some of Western Australia’s stunning natural features, as well, like their incredible cave systems.  Cave exploring what I do when I’m not cooking, writing, gardening, or brewing wine and beer:

As a travel writer who then became a chef, and someone who’s been making wine and beer for a decade, I think I’m perfect for the job!  But I NEED YOUR HELP!  There are 24 other candidates for the position from all around the world (out of more than 600,000 applicants!), and I have to show that I’m the best fit.  You can check out my competition here:

Short Listed Applications for Taste Master in Western Australia

I am compiled a 10-minute film with help from fans who shared photos and videos from all over the world!  Check it out:

For more pics shared by fans, check out this page…you’ll find the photo album halfway down the page.

Thanks SO MUCH for helping me out with this very special project, and I hope to be able to share all of Western Australia’s most amazing secrets with you all in a few short months!!!

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