MasterChef: Hats!

Some of you have been commenting about the hats and wondering what the story is with them.  Before I left for MasterChef, my Mom made me a bunch of hat/apron combos to take with me to the filming.  (She’s a very accomplished seamstress.)  After a couple of days wearing the different hats, Gordon got frustrated and told me to stop wearing those ridiculous hats.

Along comes the first mystery box, and hat-less me does a TERRIBLE job, landing myself in LAST place.  And Gordon says, “Ben Starr, put those f-ing ridiculous hats back on, because you’re terrible without them.”

So tonight, for the group challenge, the hats are coming back!!!

Side note…many of my hats now reside with my fellow MasterChef competitors, given as parting gifts after the show wrapped.

Jennifer Behm, Christine Corley, and Ben Starr behind the scenes on MasterChef Season 2

Jennifer, me, and Christine after the wrap party

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