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I love to hear from fans, friends, and family.  All too often, though, someone takes time out of their day to email me, but they type their email address incorrectly, so I’m not able to respond.  Please double-check your email address to make sure I’ll get it!  I do get lots of email, but I try to respond to everyone, so please be patient with me!  I look forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Getting an error message when I attempt to send a message. :(

  2. Hello!My name is Inna.I am from Russia. Unfortunately, I speak in English not good and I write this letter with dictionary)).
    Every Thursday I watch a MacterChef.Honestly, I’m your fan.Sorry for my importunity but I want to correspond with you and learn more about you.I so long sought you in the Internet and I found you.I am very happy))I wish you good luck in the program and waiting for an answer from you.Bye.
    P.S.Sorry for my Engllish.

    • Hi, Inna! Thanks so much for your comment. I am hearing from many Russian fans right now, and it’s so nice. I have quite a few Russian friends here in the U.S. and someday I hope to spend time there!

  3. Have you ever been in Russia in Moscow?

  4. Ooo…Ben sorry…I dont know about you Birthday((I wish you happy, good luck and a good health)

  5. Hi, Ben!Cen you write your e mail.I like to write you letter.Please))

  6. Sorry “can”

  7. Ben I sent an email out and I haven’t got a response yet.


  9. Hi Ben! It’s huge honour for me to be able to write to you. I am Sisilia, 19 years old, from Bulgaria and I watched the full season 2 of Master chef, where you were the main reason for me to do so. I mean I love the show, but you were fantastic.. I have never seen so optimistic person, so friendly, so kind and sensitive. You were adorable, what a treasure. And not only, your skills blew my mind. I adore you, I’m huge fan so anything I get as response from you would be just amazing. I sent an email also, I hope you’ll get it :) However you are awesome, man, I really wish you the best!

    Be blessed,

    • Sisilia, you are so sweet to send me this message. I really appreciate it! I DID see your email and I will respond when I get a chance!

  10. Hi Ben,
    Welcome back from your trip!

    What are you up to next? I would love to see you do videos on how you make wine at home.

    You are a joy! Thanks for being so active on your blog and website. Michael is doing a great job on the blog and have enjoyed his insights.

    More videos please! Informative, how to, regular day to day stuff….

  11. Hey Ben,
    Just used the form but I don’t know if you got my email — just wanted to see if you did!

  12. armando sierralaya

    hi ben, I have sent you an email and am not sure if I’ve sent successfully

  13. Jeremy Williams

    Same here Ben, sent you an email but didn’t get any notification that the email was sent successfully.

  14. Rich and Jean

    A Starr us born!! Thanks so much for the Puna vid. Really great work. Aloha from Maui Hawaii. Rich and Jean here living on a farm in the country. Organic non GMO is alive and well here. Aloha hui ho!!!!!

  15. Sent you a message, not sure if you got it…

  16. hi ben I live in Indonesia Im 11 and you inspired me to cook and be passionate about it thank you and I am really happy that you are now having so much success I hope I will be able to meet you in the future

    sincerely Aisya

  17. omg,this is again me х) I was very happy,when I found your answer *_* Can I contact with you on Twitter?

  18. Hi Ben! Did you get my message? I sent it some time ago. There is no hurry, but since I’m not very good with computers I could have done something wrong :) Bye

  19. Hello Ben I knew you in master chef season two

    Look at this video and I think you are creative
    And you can sing and I watched your YouTube video

    Happy New year
    I come from Hong Kong have you been to help yet?