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Pumpkin Carving

One of my biggest fans, Gregory Wright, has created this pumpkin carving stencil of me in my pumpkin hat to share with my fans.  I used the stencil today and carved a pumpkin that I was about to make pumpkin beer with, and it worked beautifully!  Some of the pieces are small and delicate…you definitely need those tiny pumpkin saws that you see show up in grocery stores around this time of year.  And you have to work delicately.

Carve one of your Halloween jack-o-lanterns with my ugly mug this season, and you’ll scare away ALL the trick-or-treaters and can keep all the candy for yourself!!!  Save this image on your computer, then print out a couple of copies.  Tape the stencil to a pumpkin, then poke little holes all the way around the edges of the black areas.  Remove the stencil, connect the little dots with a sharpie, then cut out the smallest pieces first.  Use the second copy as a reference, if necessary.  Cut out the larger areas last.  A thin-walled pumpkin will be easier to cut…you can thin out the wall by scraping with a big spoon or pumpkin scraper.

Happy Halloween!