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Goodbye, Joomla!

If you are using Internet Explorer and have had trouble reading my blog, first of all…I’m sorry.  Second of all…bless you for sticking with me.  Third of all…DITCH Internet Explorer, because it is the WORST piece of software ever created.  Download the faster, better, safer, FREE FireFox.  I’m not posting a link because you might think it’s spam.  Just go to Google and type in FireFox and you’ll get it.  Promise me that you’ll never, ever, EVER use Internet Explorer again.  It is the worst abomination that has ever masqueraded as an internet browser.  It puts you at risk for identity theft.  It doesn’t work with half the best websites out there.  It is, in short…sh!t.

Secondly…my website has been running on a content management system called Joomla for the past few years, since I got cast on the Rachael Ray Show and suddenly didn’t have time to manage my own website.  So my friends took over, who are FAR smarter than me when it comes to the internet.  Some of my friends, like Monty, actually RUN the internet and make it work…and without them…the internet would stop working.  So I have very, very, very smart friends.  That actually causes a problem when they step in and try to redesign my website, because then when *I* need to make changes to my website, I have to bug THEM for help.  And they are busier making sure the internet is working.

In the coming weeks, I will be migrating VAST amounts of data from the Joomla interface to a new interface called WordPress.  That doesn’t mean anything to you amazing, wonderful people who visit my site…except that after I am done, it will look and work better for you.  Especially if you are using my site on a mobile phone, or if you insist on using Internet Explorer to access my site.

But, in the meantime, I am going to be a very grumpy Ben, very busy, getting little sleep, moving each word and photo from my old site to my new one.

Pray for me.