The RoboStir: FAIL!

We’ve all seen this outlandishly stupid commercial for the RoboStir…an automatic spoon robot that stirs your pot for you, while you’re away doing other things.  I can’t count how many times I’ve laughed that commercial off the air.  Then yesterday, as a birthday gag gift, my neighbor Sharon gave me one!

The RoboStir...aka the RoboShit

This RoboStir has 3 silicone feet, one of which has a small extension that helps keep the liquid moving as it vibrates and rotates its way around the pan, theoretically “stirring” for you.  It has 3 speeds, and it runs on 4 AA batteries.

While I’d NEVER fork over $10 for something this ridiculous, I’ll admit I was curious to see if it worked.  So this morning, I let the RoboStir make gravy for me while I poached some eggs and made biscuits.


First off, the RoboStir is not designed for use in shallow pans, like skillets.  The vibration causes the liquid to splatter ALL over your stove.

Second, the RoboStir is not designed for use in deep pots, like casseroles or Dutch ovens, because the stirring legs are only about 3″ high, so it’s not usable for soups or large batches of sauce or pasta.

So, basically, it only works in 2 quart pots, and then only in liquids 2-3″ deep.  (I actually can’t think of a single application where I’d need to constantly stir something in that size pot, but maybe I’m wrong.)

Finally, the RoboStir’s vibration is what causes it to rotate (and thus “stir”), but if your stovetop isn’t PERFECTLY level, it will just vibrate its way to the low end of your pan and sit there bouncing around, completely avoiding the uphill side of your pan.  (My stove is pretty darn level, and the RoboStir still spent 90% of its time in one spot.)

SO…the lesson here is that if something looks ludicrous, sounds ludicrous, and is peddled by those crazy TV-pitch men (yes, I’m talking about YOU, Vince…), it probably is, in fact, ludicrous.  Ultimately, I can’t find a single effective use for the RoboStir…except as possibly some sort of massage device.  Or, possibly the world’s BEST gag gift for a very serious cook.  Ha!

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